THLD to Surge on Opening

March 9, 2012
Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:THLD) switched to upward moving trend.
After opening trading at $4.86 the shares of the company started heading up and gained 29.20% or $1.39 to close the trading session at $6.15. This is only $0.50 lower that the company’s annual high. Over the recent 52 weeks the shares of the company reached their lowest stock price at $1.18 and hit their annual high at $6.65.
The market capitalization of the company at the recent closing price stands at $302.14 million. Thus, THLD refers to a group of small cap companies.
The company’s shares face the upward movement following the announcement that THLD reported the quarterly loss lower than the one estimated by the analysts. Thus, according to the company report for the fourth quarter, THLD experienced a loss of $5.3 million which is $0.11 per share as compared to the loss of $6.6 million or $0.19 per share for the same period the year before.
The announcement of the decreasing company’s net loss for the recent quarter resulted in the increasing trading volume half as much as compare to the average one. Thus, as many as 7.56 million shares of the company have recently exchanged hands.
All in all THLD is the owner of 49.13 million outstanding shares that are distributed among stock market portfolios of different investors. THLD has a beta of 1.67 which indicates that the stock is slightly more volatile than the market and involves some investment risks, however, the risk level is relatively low in comparison to other risky companies.
Threshold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. belongs to the Biotechnology and Drugs industry of the healthcare sector. The company is engaged in research and development of products that are aimed at treating various forms of cancer.
By Richard Evans

I have been investing in the

I have been investing in the mekrat for about 15 years. Start by watching CNBC to get an understanding of the mekrat and terminology. Yahoo Finance in the Investment section is the best free website I have found. Try reading Jim Cramer's Mad Money book for a good general investment book. It is basic enough for a new investor, but has great ideas a pro could use. Remeber one thing when you invest. Know your stock before you buy. I would recommend starting with a company you already know and use.

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