Overall Crises Hits the Market of Computer Technologies and Forces the Shares to Renew their Lows

September 9, 2010

You might wonder, what unites such giants of computer technologies as Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) and Altera (NASDAQ: ALTR) with medium-scale corporations, such as Silicon Laboratories Inc. (NASDAQ: SLAB) or Semiconductor HOLDRs (NYSE: SMH).

The answer is simple: “Low stock prices”. Today most of the technological sector can be characterized by an overall decrease in stock prices.
Altera Corporation stocks barely showed a slight upward leap and reached 27.23 dollars. During the 52-week Altera stocks ranged from 19.23 to 29.05 dollars. Intel shares grew on Friday but then dropped to a new 52-week low. The same destiny fell upon Silicon Laboratories Inc. Silicon Laboratories also reached their 52-week low at 34.18 dollars but then the price stabilized at 35.00. The 52-week range for the Semiconductor HOLDRs balanced between 23.54 and 30.67 dollars settling at 25.21 today. Such downtrend characterizes the whole sector and may touch the shares of other companies as well. Even such giants as Asustek Computers Inc., the owner of a world-know brand Asus (TPE: 2357), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Sony (TYO: 6758) and many others may experience constant stock price fluctuations and new lows. To keep up with these stock trends, follow PortfolioRunner's real-time trading recommendations.

By Michael Goodman

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