Sysia Strategy Signal Earned Our Clients 30 Dollars Per Share

September 23, 2010
The signal of Sysia strategy that was released on 08/13/10 caught a 30 dollar gap over one night.
POT night gap
Our strategy recommended acquiring POT, the stocks of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Incorporated. This company operates in the field of feed products, fertilizers, and other related goods. Five potash mines belong to the company, one of them is in New Brunswick, and the rest are in Saskatchewan. The main products produced by Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (PCS) Incorporated phosphate fertilizers, animal feed supplements and industrial acid. Apart from that among PCS properties are phosphate mines, mineral processing plant complexes, phosphate feed plants, and nitrogen facilities.
Now let’s get back to Sysia signal. Between August 16 and August 17 POT stock price made a leap from 112 to 143 dollars. The position was closed on 09/10/10 with the sell price around 148 dollars. This operation resulted in 32.46 percent profit for those who added Sisya to their portfolios, but surely most part of this profit was earned due to the price gap mentioned above. Visit and choose strategies to your own likes and needs. It’s easy to trade with portfoliorunner instruments and stock picking strategies.
By Caroline Stevens

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