Why PortfolioRunner?

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Start receiving personalized recommendations from the one-of-a-kind PortfolioRunner stock portfolio engine.






Start managing your portfolio basing on your own risk inclination and leave sophisticated calculations to be performed by PortfolioRunner.




Start trading like the pros with a great number of starategies available, hints for trades execution and much of space for experiment provided by PortfolioRunner.

PortfolioRunner is much more than yet another stock picking software. Using our service you will receive exact answers to the major questions any trader is wondering about:  

— Where to invest?
— How many shares of each stock to purchase?
— When to invest in a stock?
— When should I get rid of shares?  
— Which orders to use?



All our recommendations are made personally for you by intelligent algorithms of stock portfolio management that evaluate the quality of the buy and sell signals from the stock trading system based on: 


— Strategies that you trust
— Your propensity to take risks
— The existing portfolio structure
— Free capital




Investing in the stock market implies a certain trading strategy, under which you make decisions about picking a stock as well as the volume and timing of the investment. There are few Internet stock picking services that offer various investment strategies. Usually, their stock trading signals are very general, specifying only the attractiveness of certain assets. You will still have an unresolved question about how to allocate your limited capital among the recommended stocks, and if their advice is good specifically for you.


Our portfolio service PortfolioRunner.com is designed to answer these questions.
PortfolioRunner.com is very different from any other service out there because it gives you the following competitive advantages:
» Personal approach to recommendations
» Portfolio approach to investments
» Flexible approach to trading




Our web service gives you individual stock trading signals by taking into account your individual investment circumstances. We understand that you and the situation with your portfolio are unique, so we cannot ignore this fact and give everyone the same signals on hot stocks. Our signals are personalized for you! They are a good match specifically for your portfolio.

PortfolioRunner.com provides a unique opportunity to create, manage and track the status of your portfolio while the system determines an optimal proportion of capital allocation among the recommended assets and ensuring that the most effective investment decisions are made.




You don't just get a good stock signal to pick, but the exact calculation of the optimal number of stocks to buy or sell! This calculation is based on your preferences, current situation with your existing portfolio and market situation.


We provide you with end-to-end recommendations which mean that any recommendations that PortfolioRunner gives you are personalized and taking into consideration a risk level of each stock as well as your portfolio structure to date.  




You can switch between recommendations coming from the different trading strategies PortfolioRunner.com provides.


You can set different risk settings or even change settings for portfolio management.
It‘s possible to add your own picks and test how good they are, while still getting advice on the best allocation of your capital.
You can also use pre-configured risk parameters or create your own – experiment!